Waiting List Policy

Last Revised 24/02/2019

Places are offered according to the following criteria in order of descending priority:

  • Young People who are already a member of their Group and are moving up to the next section i.e. Beavers to cubs. It is important that Young people, once they have embarked on their Scouting adventure, are able to see through their scouting time and progress through their badges and awards without interruption.
  • Young People whose parents/guardians are already volunteering as Section Leaders, Section Assistants, or another formal role in supporting their Group or the Scout District. No Group can exist without volunteers, and we feel that it is reasonable that someone who is willing to invest time in supporting the Scouting should be able to include their children.
  • Young People with one or more siblings who are already members of the Group. Siblings of existing members would undoubtedly feel left out if they were not able to experience the same fun. Parents must still register each child on the Waiting list –there is no automatic prioritisation for unregistered siblings.
  • Young People whose parents/guardians newly volunteer to actively help their Group or the Scout District. The level of commitment required will be determined at local Group level but will expected to be reliable and sustainable.
  • Time on waiting list. It is appropriate that a place should be offered to the Young Person who has been waiting longest for a place to become available. A Young Person will not usually be invited to join a section if their age means that they cannot spend at least 9 months with that section as they will not have the opportunity to settle in and progress in earning badges –however they will be given priority to the next section where possible.
  • Group discretion. If none of the previous criteria can be used to differentiate between two candidates for a place, then it will be at the discretion of the Group as to which person is offered a place. Section Leaders would normally consult with their Group Scout Leader.