Group Payments Policy


With the ever-demanding requirements on the Group to make certain that all monies are fully accounted for, it is important to have a policy which covers payments by parents / guardians of all monies to the Group.

This policy will be adhered to, thus ensuring that the accounting procedures can be completed with all monies accounted for correctly. 

What does the Membership Subscription cover? 

Each term, every Member of the Group is required to pay a Membership Subscription. These fees ensure that financially we can run safe, effective and efficient Beaver, Cub and Scout Programmes for your young person(s). Included in the subscription are the following items: 

• Cost of Headquarters services to the movement and the costs of organising and administering the Association, and to meet the Association’s obligations to World Scouting. 

• Cost of the local Scout County & District. 

• Cost of the Group to cover administration, building insurance, personnel accident and medical expenses insurance, utility costs, hire of the school, maintaining, repairing and replacing our tents and equipment and to subsidise certain group events. 

• Cost of the section weekly activities including materials, books, badges and prizes. 

Please note that all Leaders are volunteers and receive no payment from the Membership Subscription or anywhere else. 

When should the Membership Subscription be paid? 

Membership Subscriptions are payable at the start of each term. You will receive notification of the amount of the subscription from your Section Leader. The level of subscriptions is set each year by the Group Executive Committee. 

How to Pay 

Payment must be made within the first two weeks of the new term and should be made using Online Scout Manager system. 


The group may be able to offer financial assistance with subs and other scouting costs if a family is experiencing financial hardship. The group will consider such circumstances on a case by case basis, and discussions will always be in confidence.

Process for non-payment or late payment of Monies: 

To ensure that monies are paid as stated in this policy the following course of action will take place if payment is not received in the following timescale: 

1. If payment is not received within 2 weeks of the due date parents / guardians will be sent a reminder e-mail. If the monies owed are not received within 7 days from the date of the letter / e-mail or no contact has been made with the Leader in charge of the young person, the membership may be suspended.

2. No monies (additional funds) will be accepted for other activities for your young person(s) and they will not be allowed to attend any of these activities until all Membership Subscription fees have been paid in full. 

3. If the monies owed remain unpaid 14 days after the suspension of the membership, the membership will be cancelled, and the young person’s place will be offered to the next person on the list.

4. Where financially possible the Group operates a genuine hardship policy and will not exclude a young person through an inability to pay. Please contact your Section Leader confidentially and we will talk with you (in confidence) about ways we may be able to help you. We would never want to see anyone having to leave the Group because of the cost of subscriptions 

5. NOTE: The parent will only receive one reminder from their Section Leader as stated in point 1.

Gift Aid 

The Group is now able to recover income tax on any donation, including subscriptions. The only criteria are that the individual making the donation has to pay income tax or capital gains tax of at least the amount to be recovered by the Group.

Please complete the online form when you receive the link and we can recover 25p for each £1 of subscription from the “Tax Man”, with no additional cost to you. 

Event and Camp Payments

Events and camps are pair for via Online Scout managers. All costs for events or camps must be made before the due date stated on Online Scout Manger, places may be forfeited where payment for and event or camp has not been made by the due date.

Payments for events and camps are generally non-refundable but there may be instances where if the group will not suffer a financial loss due to the cancellation a partial refund may be possible.

If a young person is signed up to an event in error, you should contact the section leader within 24 hours to get them removed to avoid being charged.

Please ensure that when you receive a camp or event invite that you respond to the request as soon as possible even if it is just to say Not Attending as this makes planning a lot easier for the leadership team.

Appeals process

If any parent feels that this process has been applied incorrectly, the Group Scout Leader or Group Chair should be contacted in the first instance to discuss the matter and provide a resolution. If this is not possible, representations may be made to the District Commissioner requesting his or her assistance.