Executive Committee

What do we do?

We have several responsibilities on the Exec Committee.  These include…

  • Providing Equipment for the Scout Group
  • Ensuring that the Scout Group is suitably insured
  • Raising funds for the Group
  • Administrating the Scout Group’s finances
  • Assisting in the recruitment of leaders
  • Organising social events

Because 1st Dickens Heath Scout Group is a charity, all members of the Executive Committee are Trustees of the charity.

Who are we?

Although the ‘Executive’ bit in our title makes us sound very formal and important, it is actually not like that at all! We are just normal parents of children from within the Scout Group or members of the local community

We have elected members such as the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.  We also have members who are members due to their role in scouting such as Group Scout Leader, Beaver Leader etc. Ideally there should be a parent from each section in the Group on the Executive Committee.  This means that we have a good spread of opinion and a reasonable base of volunteers who we can call upon from time to time.  We very much believe that many hands make light work and that no one person should ever have to do too much!

Curent Members

  • Chair: Giovanni Martini
  • Secretary: Lisa Rosen
  • Treasurer: Rachel Guy
  • Group Scout Leader: Vacant Position
  • Scout Leader: Dave Irvine
  • Alpha Cub Leader: Rob Jurkowski
  • Willow Beaver Leader: Josie Williams
  • Birch Beaver Leader: Lucy Chatwin
  • Parent Representatives: Vacant
  • Waiting list Co-Ordinator: Vacant

Where and when do we meet?

We meet about 4 times a year and our meetings are ususally 7:30pm-9pm. Committee meetings are very informal.  We enjoy a chat about all things Scouting along with coffee and biscuits

Can I Help?

Of course you can!  The Exec Committee is open to anyone who has an interest in helping the group to function.  If you would like to help out but don’t have the time to be a Leader/Helper then the Exec is a great way of helping out the group with minimal time commitment.

If you would like to join us then please contact us

What is the commitment?

We only ask that you attend the quarterly Exec Meetings as often as you are able to.  You won’t be signing your life away!