Expeditions and Marshmallows

Another varied and fun week this week across the group.

We have had Willow Beavers making Fathers Day cards and then trying out mini pioneering, making towers out of Spaghetti and Marshmallows, although they may have got higher if they had eaten less and built more.

Birch Beavers had Jim, Grandpa to one of the Beavers, come in and do some indoor tennis training with the group

The scouts were working on planning a 2 day expedition as part of their Expedition Challenge badge, this forms part of the Chief Scouts Gold Award, the highest award in the section. They had to plan a 10Km route, create a menu that could be cooked on a portable stove and produce a kit list for themselves and he group. Later in the year some of them will be walking the route for real

Cubs have been working on their skills challenge badge on an indoor assault course.