A varied week…

The groups were on a variety of activities this week covering a range of subjects and badge work.

Scouts visited a Sikh Gurdwara this week as part of their World Faith badge, they spent time in the temple learning about the religion and seeing how people worship in there, then got to try some delicious food afterwards.

Cubs visited Heronfield Animal Rescue Centre in Knowle and got to meet and learn about a number of the animals being cared for there, including, Ducklings, Sheep, Llamas and a Pig.

Willow Beavers spent time with far smaller animals on their bug hunt around the Forest School area. Woodlice, Ants, Beetle, Slugs and many other creepie crawlies were found during the evening.

Birch Beavers spent their time on the playground building towers from Spaghetti and Marshmallows, they would have got even higher if a few building blocks hadn’t been eaten ………

No meetings next week as it’s half term, see you in June !!